Qlaira® leads to shorter and lighter withdrawal bleeding29

Mean duration of withdrawal bleeding in each cycle was significantly reduced with Qlaira® vs 20 μg EE/100 μg LNG (P<0.05)

Qlaira® = 4.5 days

20 µg EE/100 µg LNG = 5.1 days

Treatment was for seven cycles.


This was a randomized, double-blind study conducted in healthy women aged 18–50 years seeking contraception. Smokers were eligible for inclusion if they were aged ≤30 years and had a daily cigarette consumption of ≤10.

Women were randomized to receive 7 cycles of Qlaira® or EE/LNG (21 days of EE 20 μg/LNG 100 μg and 7 days of placebo). Women took one tablet per day, with no tablet-free interval between cycles.

The primary focus of the study was bleeding patterns and cycle control.4